White Papers


Information Security with HC3
Scale Computing has a focus on simplicity, stability, and security without compromising performance or design. We understand your data is integral to your business, and you can trust in the integrity and safety of that data on the HC3 appliance.
IT Infrastructure Risk Management
There are a number of risks when implementing and managing IT infrastructure. Scale Computing helps manage and mitigate those risks with affordable, next generation hyperconverged infrastructure.
How HC3 Lowers the Total Cost of Infrastructure
When considering a new IT infrastructure solution, the acquisition cost of the hardware and software to standup the
infrastructure is only the starting point for cost analysis.
DR Strategies with Scale Computing
Disaster recovery is a concept that asks the question, “How can an organization survive and respond to a wide variety of threats ranging from small hiccups to catastrophic destruction?” The threats to ongoing operations range from human error to malicious attacks to natural disasters.
SSG-Now Snapshot Report
Scale Computing’s hyperconverged system matches the needs of the SMB and mid-market. HC3 is cost effective, scalable and designed for installation and management by the IT generalists.
2015 State of SMB IT Infrastructure Survey
Nearly 600 technology professionals from organizations with fewer than 500 employees responded to the survey, conducted from March 11th to March 25th by ActualTech Media principals Scott Lowe and David Davis for sponsor Scale Computing, the leading Mid-market provider of hyperconverged solutions combining storage, servers, virtualization, and management.
HC3, SCRIBE, and HyperCore Theory of Operations
A description of the technology, concepts and operating theory behind the Scale Computing’s HC3, SCRIBE and HyperCore.
Business Continuity Best Practices for SMB
Virtualization’s biggest driver is big savings: slashing expenditures on servers, licenses, management, and energy. Another major benefit is the increased ease of disaster recovery and business continuity (DR/BC) in virtualized environments.
Taneja Group HC3 Product Validation Report
Learn about how HC3 is helping to end complexity with a hyper-converged, virtual infrastructure developed for small to midsized business.
Taneja Group HC3 Customer Validation Report
Taneja found that all eight of the Scale Computing customers were extremely pleased with the value and simplicity of the HC3 systems they have deployed.
Taneja Group HC3 Validation Report: HC3 vs. VSAN
For companies that are looking for a simple to use, yet powerful solution that is attractively priced.
Hyperconvergence for Virtualization
Today, businesses, both big and small, are facing more challenges than ever. Competitive industries push the need for better technologies, more reliable infrastructures to support the business. What happens when that can no longer happen with the technology and infrastructure you have in place? When it starts to cost you more to manage and maintain your infrastructure than it’s actually worth?
Virtualization Still a Priority for SMBs Hesitant About the Public Cloud
Cloud computing’s many virtues are celebrated as good for business. And while a large percentage of small and midsized businesses (SMBs) have initiated or are considering the deployment of virtualization, many of these organizations are wary of moving their critical applications to the public cloud.