IT Infrastructure


HC3 is a modern IT infrastructure solution with an appliance-based architecture to provide the resources needed to deliver applications and IT services efficiently and reliably. Traditional infrastructure solutions with multiple hardware vendors and storage and virtualization vendors are so complex it can take a team of administrators just to manage the infrastructure, eating up budget that could be focused on better application delivery.  Our HC3 solution is intended to meets the needs of any size IT department, covering multiple infrastructure use cases.

Where to Use HC3

New IT Deployments

Whether an organization is just starting up and needs IT infrastructure or an existing organization is adding more sites and services, HC3 can be deployed very quickly and efficiently.  Scale Computing experts can help you determine the perfect sized solution to provide virtualization that is scalable to fit any size IT department’s needs.

Replacing Aging Infrastructure

Whether an existing infrastructure contains physical standalone servers or traditional virtualization running on traditional servers and storage solutions, the time will come when that hardware needs to be replaced.  Replacing infrastructure is always the perfect opportunity to move to the next generation of infrastructure technology.  Right now, that next generation is hyperconvergence.

Traditional server hardware and even SAN (Storage Area Network – iSCSI) and NAS (Network Attached Storage – NFS/SMB) technologies are merely pieces of the complex infrastructure architectures that evolved to support virtualization on top of commodity IT assets.  Modern virtualization needs to be built on modern infrastructure like HC3, not the 3-2-1 solutions of the past.

Complexity In Traditional Virtualization
Complexity In Traditional Virtualization

Distributed Enterprise

Where organizations have many remote and branch offices, IT departments benefit from simple, repeatable infrastructure that can be deployed quickly, managed remotely, and can be recovered easily.  HC3 is a perfect solution for distributed enterprise because it can be sized for any size remote site and can be deployed in under an hour with remote management and built-in replication and failover that can be configured within minutes to an HC3 deployment at the central site.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

For organizations looking to simplify desktop management with virtualization, HC3 is the perfect platform for VDI deployments of any size.  The easy to deploy and manage architecture means that solutions like Workspot VDI 2.0 or Remote Desktop Services can be deployed quickly with confidence.